ISCHE Green Action

ISCHE Council voted and approved that the Society will take the following actions:​

1. to consider the impact of air travel on selection of sites for meetings;

2. to consider spacing meetings further apart in time and perhaps longer in duration,

    and coordinate joint meetings of societies with similar interests;

3. to add carbon offsets in the registration fees;

4. to serve primarily plant-based meals at society events and preferably serving

    with re-useable or compostable materials;

5. to explore alternatives to in-person meetings such as streaming or regional meetings;

6. to critically examine the carbon footprints of our own travel to professional meetings

    and commit to reduce air travel by 20%, to set an example for other organizations;

7. to create a forum for members to share ways we can reduce our carbon footprint;

8. to create a climate action committee tasked with implementing and monitoring

    these goals;

9. to work with our institutions to enact climate planning including a travel policy,

    as the United Kingdom’s Bloomsbury Colleges have done (Greenthing initiative); and

10. while we are taking these actions, to act on our responsibility as scientists to inform

    policymakers and industry leaders on the importance of mitigating against greenhouse 

    gas emissions as codified in the Paris Agreement and other international treaties.

Voted and approved September 9, 2019

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