Rebecca Robbins, PhD Candidate

The George Washington University, Washington, DC

Rebecca is a PhD Candidate within the department of Environmental and Occupational Health at the Milken Institute of Public Health at The George Washington University. Rebecca earned her MSc from the University of Charleston and later went on to practice as a physician assistant in the fields of neuropsychiatry and neuroradiology. After seeing the disproportionate impacts of environmental pollutants on patient health, particularly on those in medically underserved and rural areas, Rebecca decided to shift her focus to the world of research and began her doctoral studies. Her current research focuses on how early-life and adult exposure to chemicals such as herbicides, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and polychlorinated biphenyl groups (PCBs) impact human reproductive health outcomes. As the ISCHE Program Manager, she is involved in facilitating monthly council meetings, communicating with members via broadcasts and quarterly newsletters, and collaborating with ISCHE committees.

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